Hello There

My name is David Nemes, a full-stack developer who has a love & passion for creating digital experiences that look and function beautifully across the multi-device world.



ZeroBranded creates white-label fully functional SaaS businesses that can be launched by anyone without any experience.



Pikk is a marketplace startup that connects customers with local businesses. Website was built with React JS, the mobile app using React Native and Firebase served as a backend.



SNIPES is a premier urban clothier and lifestyle retailer. The mobile app was built using React Native and it's centered around Loyalty, Community and Commerce.

Parador Interactive Table

Parador Interactive Table

A point of sale interactive table which uses RFID technology to recognize the floor samples so they can be experienced virtually.

Woozle Goozle

Woozle Goozle

Woozle Goozle is a kids mobile app built using React Native where kids can interact with a 3D cartoon character by using voice and gestures.


open source projects

When my time allows I like to create and contribute to open source projects.